Board of Directors


Carolina Montoya Jaramillo

Board Chair

Carolina Montoya was born in Colombia and has an Industrial Engineer degree with two majors. Even before graduation she started to work in a non-profit international organization, which offered the opportunity to work with more than 160 nationalities all around the globe. She worked for this company for more than 12 years and performed 4 positions. Her career started in Colombia, but a few years later she was promoted to a regional position in United States where she has promoted to different positions inside the same company. At the end of 2017, she was offered to move to Spain to perform a global position managing the relation with all the clients in the organization, which she accepted.

However, life had something more important in Carolina’s career since in 2016 her most important role was born- a beautiful little girl who changed it all. Her first years were not easy, she visited NICU, had SLP and PT therapy and a lot of delays. After uncountable visits to doctors and when this beautiful baby girl turned 3, Carolina decided to leave Spain, quit her job and move back to USA to achieve her most defiant challenge, even bigger than what she imagined, but to get a diagnosis for her beautiful girl. In March 2019 during the COVID pandemic, she received the devastating news that her daughter had a rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome which is genetic, degenerative and life limiting disorder with not treatment or cure yet available. Since that day, a new career goal was born and currently Carolina is dedicated to helping parents of kids and adults with disabilities to know and get all the services and opportunities that are available to them to achieve their maximum potential.

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