Success Stories

Jabril Ivory
Jabril Ivory was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (a mild form of Autism) when he was 5 years old. Jabril's dad, Keith Ivory, tells his story about overcoming the obstacles of finding information and support for children with Autism. Keith's effort and determination in finding support and services has helped Jabril succeed in school. Jabril is currently 15 years old, a B average student in a general classroom, is a magnificent artist, plays the Keyboard, and wants to be an architect. To view a video of Jabril's story, please visit: 1000 Voices – A National Archive (Jabril's Dad).

Kevin Mintz
Kevin Mintz is 18 years old, has Cerebral Palsy, and was just accepted to Harvard on a full scholarship. Though his struggles were great, his achievements are even greater. Soon after his graduation in June of 2008, Kathleen McGregory from the Miami Herald shared his story with the world. To read the Miami Herald article about Kevin Mintz, please click: Graduate with Cerebral Palsy Off to Harvard!

Alex Demoya
Alex Demoya is a senior  at Miami Palmetto High School who is graduating in May 2009.  He is a Life Scout with Troop 840 at St. Louis Church in Pinecrest. Alex has faced many challenges in his quest for inclusion in sports, in his community, and in school. His self-determination, hard work and drive to always succeed has lead to many accomplishments. He is graduating with a 3.6 G.P.A, he had the opportunity to play football during his sophomore year at Palmetto, and was on the track and field team. He participates in the IPAW club, has performed at the IMPROV show, and participated in Drama productions where he is on the lighting crew for the Stagecraft team. He has taken classes in Geometry, Biology, Algebra, Drama, Computers, and Leadership where he is an office aide at the attendance office. Alex also holds a part-time job as an equipment maintenance assistant at an Engineering Construction Firm.

Alex's love for fishing and football led him to  complete his Eagle Scout Project on February 21, 2009, benefiting the 12th Man Football & Cheer Camp. The camp is to teach kids with disabilities football skills and drills to give them the overall experience of playing football. Alex held a fishing tournament fundraiser to raise money that provided hats for the campers, coaches, and volunteers, and medals for the football and cheerleading participants. He organized the pre-game and the half-time show. His cousins the MacDonell sisters sang the National Anthem, and Los Primeros singing group put on an amazing half-time show that all the kids and adults enjoyed. Volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 840 came out to help with setting up, being buddies for the campers, and even cooking lunch.

Alex recruited donors, sponsors, participants and volunteers, setting up and taking down on camp day, and working with Head Coach Allen Lowly throughout the event as his assistant and station manager. He worked all day to make sure that the camp  ran smoothly and that all the campers had an amazing day. What a great project and what an honor it was for Alex and his family to be part of the 12th Man Football and Cheer Camp. "We are extremely proud of Alex and the project that he chose for his Eagle Scout advancement". What an incredible message to all children and young adults with disabilities in their pursuit to make dreams come true.

Justin Aucoin
Justin Aucoin is a first grade student at Palm Springs North Elementary. His kindergarten teacher wanted to retain him, but Justin proved her wrong. He went into the first grade and tested at a first grade level. He has now earned a place on the President's Honor Roll for the first grading period! Read the document HERE(Download Acrobat Reader)

Micah Fialka-Feldman

Natalia Sulca
Natalia Sulca is a high school senior at Dr.Krop Senior High.  She is graduating in early June as one of the ten most outstanding seniors at the school.  She just received a full tuition scholarship for Berklee College of Music in Boston where she plans to pursue a degree in voice.  She also won an award from the Florida Association of Educators for the Rehabilitation of the Blind (FAER) for most outstanding Visually Impaired high school senior in the state of Florida.  Linda Weiss Rose states she is an absolutely charming, intelligent young woman who has overcome incredible obstacles to get to the place she is currently in.

We are very proud of Natalia and her family for this incredible accomplishment. She is a prime example of the “ability” and “talent” that exists within a disability and has flourished. She is worthy of recognition. Click HERE.

Jansil Hueso
My experience at the library was very interesting. I learned lots of new things. When I first got there, I went to one of the librarians to tell him what kind of book I wanted. I told him I wanted a book about technology and computers. He took me to the section where general technology was. Then I picked from three books but had a hard time carrying them to a seat. I found that the books I picked weren’t of my interest. So then I got worried because putting books back on the shelf is a challenge. But then Lauren showed me there’s a shelf where you put the book in and the librarians reshelf them later. So I went back to the librarian and told him I didn’t find anything in that section. Then he took me to another section that had more books even some on cellphones. I skimmed through a book on the IPhone and found that it was interesting. It was helpful when the librarian took me to the section and showed me the different areas because following directions is a challenge for me too. It would also help if they ask if I need help carrying the book so I won’t have to worry about dropping it. Overall, the library was interesting.

Scott Barry Kaufman
Scott Barry Kaufman was told with his IQ level would be lucky to finish high school. Now he is an American psychologist, author, and popular science writer known for his research and writing on intelligence and creativity. Most media attention has focused on Kaufman's attempt to redefine intelligence.

Vanessa Suazo