Frequently Asked Questions

How is Parent to Parent of Miami different?

Parent to Parent of Miami is unique in that it serves children with all disabilities: learning, physical, emotional, intellectual, developmental and other health related disabilities which are normally treated with medicine and CBD gummies to ease the pain. No other organization in Miami offers this broad range of services to families. Parent to Parent of Miami also works in coalition with local, state, and national organizations. In addition, many of Parent to Parent of Miami’s board and staff members are parents of children with special needs and disabilities, which means that they truly understand the difficulties other parents are experiencing. Our team is specially trained to work hand in hand with parents in order to guide them and get them the help they need.

Our vision is that all families who have children with specials needs or disabilities will have universal access to information, training, support, and advocacy skills to help their children reach their full potential. All while leading the community on the rights of all children. 

What do Parent to Parent of Miami programs do?

Provide information, peer support,  parent skill building workshops, referrals, and advocacy to families of children and adults with disabilities, and the professionals who serve them.

What is Parent to Parent of Miami’s Mission?

The mission of Parent to Parent of Miami is to empower and support a network of families who have children and adults with disabilities.

Is Parent to Parent of Miami a 501(c)(3) organization?

Yes, Parent to Parent of Miami is a nonprofit organization serving children and youth with disabilities in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, and the nation. You can find our annual report and the organization’s 990 on this website. Your gifts and donations to Parent to Parent of Miami are tax deductible as allowed by law.

What are some recent accomplishments of Parent to Parent of Miami?

During last fiscal year, October 1, 2010 – September 30, 2011:

We received over 3,000 requests for information and individual assistance from parents and educators, and the  number continues to increase each year
 Families registered as members of our organization reached 9,000
More than 15,000 visitors to our website ( from the United States and thousands more from other countries
Project Panther LIFE Partnership funded
Received funding from the MIami Dade Foundation to develop online training site
 Sponsored families during our annual Holiday Drive
 Provided families with emergency assistance
 Parent to Parent sponsored the Annual Awards and Luncheon for Students with Disabilities
What are Parent to Parent of Miami’s future plans? 

Parent to Parent of Miami frequently receives requests from parents and professionals about unmet needs in the community, and that information assists in determining needed programs for the future. Your suggestions and contributions help Parent to Parent of Miami continue to meet the needs of the community.Our goals for the future continue to be ambitious:

Continue to expand partnerships to reach underserved parents and professionals throughout Miami-Dade County
Increase the availability of workshops for parents
Enhance trainings on specialized topics such as early childhood, transition from high school, sexuality issues, foster and adoptive parents, and youth with disabilities
Increase awareness of options for responding to bullying behavior
Expand use of technology and distance learning to reach more families
Secure funding to translate the new website content to Spanish