journey of dreams

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The goal of Parent to Parent of Miami’s Journey of Dreams Benefit is to honor individuals in our community who are dedicated to improving and promoting initiatives that benefit children and adults with disabilities and their families. Individuals are honored in the following categories: Excellence in Family Advocacy, IMPACT, and Family Empowerment.

The annual Journey of Dreams Benefit helps us raise funds to provide much needed help, hope and support for children with disabilities and their families. We are committed to providing the information, training, support and advocacy that families need to deal with the challenges of raising a child with special needs. We want to make sure that our organization continues fulfilling its mission by offering these crucial services at no-cost.

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Past Honorees

Past honorees include: Carole Fox Abbott (FDLRS-South), Modesto E. Abety (The Children’s Trust), Dr. Diane Adreon (UM-NSU CARD), Dr. Michael Alessandri (UM-NSU CARD), Betty Alonso (Dade Community Foundation),  Francine M. Andersen (Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs), Roni Bader-Tables (M-DCPS) Brucie Ball (M-DCPS), Janet Bell Taylor (Miami Children’s Hospital), Jill Brookner (M-DCPS), Jeb Bush, Bill Fauerbach (Publix), Larry Forman (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc.), Dr. Delia C. Garcia (FIU), Jackie Gonzalez (Miami Children’s Hospital), Vivian Gonzalez (Music Teacher), Chris & Burt Harris, Iliana Hernandez (FDLRS-South), Drs. Martin & Silvia Hiriart, JohnPaul Jebian (American Sign Language Educator), Dr. Rosa L. Jones (FIU), Paula Lalinde (Mailman Center), David Lawrence (The Children’s Trust), Judge Cindy S. Lederman (Juvenile Justice System), Bambi J. Lockman (BEES), Barbara Lopez-Avila, Patricia Mederos (Community Leader), Judy Mezey (Dave & Mary Alper JCC), Kevin & Stephanie Mintz, Jack Patterson (Parent Advocate), Trudy Petkovich (Foster Parent Association), Laverne O. Pinkney (FIU), Silvia Planas-Prats (Miami is Kind), Jose Roza (Miami Children’s Hospital), Dr. Judith L. Schaechter (University of Miami), Dr. Moises Simpser (Miami Children’s Hospital), and Kathleen Vergara (UM Debbie Institute).