Parent to Parent of Miami’s Journey of Dreams Benefit Awards 

Nominate an everyday hero to Journey of Dreams! As parents of children with disabilities, we all have the dream that they will be successful, happy and accepted by others in the community. This journey is ongoing and different for every family. When the dream is fulfilled the possibilities are endless!

This signature fundraising event celebrates, recognizes and honors community members whose vision, leadership and perseverance have significantly contributed to improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families. 


Individuals are honored in the following categories:

Excellence in Family Advocacy Award is bestowed upon an individual dedicated to promoting policies and practices that strengthen family unity.

IMPACT Award is bestowed to an individual who Inspires, Motivates, Promotes, Advocates, and through Community involvement became a Transformational leader.

Family Empowerment Award is bestowed upon a parent or caregiver who has accessed the services provided by Parent to Parent of Miami and as a result enriched their life with the knowledge and support necessary to improve their child’s and family’s outcomes.

Award recipients will be honored on November 17, 2018 at JW Marriott Miami.


On behalf of your nominee, thank you for taking the time to submit this nomination. Please fill out all of the fields on the Nomination Form detailing the achievements of the nominee and submit the nomination before the deadline as indicated on the form. To purchase a sponsorship or tickets, please click HERE.

The Honoree Committee is charged with reviewing the nominations and making the final decisions.


Carole Fox Abbott (FDLRS-South), Modesto E. Abety (The Children's Trust), Dr. Diane Adreon (UM-NSU CARD), Dr. Michael Alessandri (UM-NSU CARD), Betty Alonso (Dade Community Foundation),  Francine M. Andersen (Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs), Roni Bader-Tables (M-DCPS) Brucie Ball (M-DCPS), Janet Bell Taylor (Miami Children's Hospital), Jill Brookner (M-DCPS), Jeb Bush, Bill Fauerbach (Publix), Lileana de Moya (de Moya Foundation), Cecilia Elizalde, Larry Forman (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc.), Dr. Delia C. Garcia (FIU), Marta Giuliani, Jackie Gonzalez (Miami Children's Hospital), Vivian Gonzalez (Music Teacher), Chris & Burt Harris, Iliana Hernandez (FDLRS-South), Drs. Martin & Silvia Hiriart, JohnPaul Jebian (American Sign Language Educator), Dr. Rosa L. Jones (FIU), Paula Lalinde (Mailman Center), David Lawrence (The Children's Trust), Judge Cindy S. Lederman (Juvenile Justice System), Bambi J. Lockman (BEES), Barbara Lopez-Avila, Patricia Mederos (Community Leader), Judy Mezey (Dave & Mary Alper JCC), Kevin & Stephanie Mintz, Jack Patterson (Parent Advocate), Trudy Petkovich (Foster Parent Association), Laverne O. Pinkney (FIU), Silvia Planas-Prats (Miami is Kind), Dr. Angel L. Rodriguez (Ruth Owens Kruse), Jose Roza (Miami Children's Hospital), Dr. Judith L. Schaechter (University of Miami), Dr. Moises Simpser (Miami Children's Hospital), Dr. Diana M. Valle-Riestra (FIU), and Kathleen Vergara (UM Debbie Institute).