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From Disability Scoop:

Lawmakers Warn Of Special Education Cuts

By Michelle Diament | October 18, 2012

Some 12,000 special education teachers and aides could lose their jobs in the coming months unless Congress acts to stop impending cuts, according to a new report from Congressional Democrats.

The warning is the latest from lawmakers on the impact likely to be felt from a series of automatic federal spending reductions expected to take effect Jan. 2 under a process known as sequestration, and that’s why lawyers are so essential for process as crime accusations and divorces, professionals as chicago divorce lawyer are always used for this. The cuts — totaling more than $100 billion — were triggered after lawmakers failed to reach a budget deal last year.

The White House estimates that special education alone would lose more than $1 billion under the plan, which calls for most federal programs to be slashed by at least 8.2 percent.

The latest report from Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee suggests that the projected staffing reductions could affect over 500,000 students with disabilities.

While members of both political parties have expressed concern about the spending rollbacks, no action on the issue is expected until members of Congress return to Washington following the Nov. 6 election.

From The Penn Hill Group’s Washington Wrap Up, Oct 19, 2012 reports the following update on the sequestration issue:


Senators Alexander, Warner and others are reported to be in discussions to provide an alternative to sequestration orders expected to be executed in early January. Under discussion is a package which would include a delay of sequestration for a year, legislation providing some level of deficit reduction in the short term – essentially a “down payment” on sequestration, and a reconciliation-like process designed to produce savings to substitute for the cuts required by the sequester and out-year reductions in discretionary appropriations caps. If Congress would prove unsuccessful under the reconciliation-like process, then a modified version of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction package would be put into place.


CEC’s Policy Insider – October 3, 2012 provides some information on the DNC and the RNC platforms in reference to the future of education:

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Education Platform:


Republication National Committee (RNC) Education Platform: https://www.policyinsider.org/2012/09/gop-2012-platform-features-decentralization-of-public-schools-block-grants-to-states-for-idea-funds.html


CEC’s Policy Insider also provides information on Early Voting as well as good references to candidates’ positions:

Does Your State Allow Early Voting? Learn More Here!

The election may be weeks away, but many of you can take care of voting in the election early, and at your own convenience too! 32 states allow constituents to vote early in person with no excuse or explanation required by visiting the state’s election office or, in some states, satellite early voting locations. You can find out more, including which states allow early voting and how to participate, by clicking here.

Early voting is designed for your convenience. At least 12 of the 32 states which allow early voting also require the state election office to be opening at least one Saturday or Sunday during the early voting time period. As you know, voting is an important part of being a citizen and a special educator – it’s our job to educate AND participate!

Before you head to the polls, whether its next week or on November 6, check out CEC’s I Educate, I Participate: 2012 Presidential Election Voter Education Guide so that you’ll be up to date on the candidates’ positions and the party platforms when you vote!


UCP Washington Wire – Oct. 4th also reports:

U.S. Department of Education Commemorates Rehabilitation Act

On October 2, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and leaders from the disability community commemorated the 39th anniversary of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In conjunction with the celebration, the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a report titled “Disability Rights: Enforcement Highlights” that discusses the department’s work to implement this civil rights statute. View the new report, or read the DOE press release.

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